11-4-2007 Please note: The version of X packaged with xlauncher is very old now. Please download cygwin's setup.exe and X packages rather than use this package if you have problems.
31-3-2004 Made a release of xlauncher packaged with a bare minimum X/cygwin setup.
Note: This release is not to be used with an existing cygwin install! It installs it's own cygwin1.dll, which will break things. If you wish to use cygwin, do things the proper way and install X/cygwin through cygwin's setup.exe.
Also note that you will most likely need a font server setup on a remote machine, as only a default fixed font and a cursor font are included.

Please file bug reports if you have troubles, or send me a message (see below).

6-3-2003 Going to fix a few items soon, and build a fully installable system again from my new sources. Expect something new within the month.

21-9-2002 No news is good news? I haven't done very much development recently on xlauncher as it works well for all my machines. If you have a configuration that doesn't work with xlauncher, please post in the forums, file a bug report, or send me a message (see below), as then I can try and fix it :)

22-7-2002 Another version which hopefully fixes the -from parameter problem. If xlauncher is unable to work out the local IP, it does not pass the -from parameter at all. If you have any problems with this version please email me. (see below).

21-7-2002 New version available. Allows you to save and restore configuration sessions into the registry. Also fixes some other problems, see the changelog in the source directory for more information.

15-7-2002 Work has begun on rewriting xlauncher in C++ with wxWindows, so that it may be run on Linux as well as Win32, and incorporated into cygwin/xfree. Currently looking at other toolkits, or building a wxWindows package for cygwin.

7-7-2002 New Version, adds tabs, multiple font line support, reading hostnames from a text file.


xlauncher is a currently a front end to launch cygwin/Xfree86. It requires cygwin/xfree be installed and working before use.

There are todo, readme, etc files in the source too.

Feel free to send me a message with any comments, questions, etc. I will set up mailing lists if anyone is interested.

You can also go to the project web site.


Download xlancher binary (200kB).

Doanload xsetup installer Note warnings above! (2384kB).

Download the Delphi source (~20k).

Browse the source tree

Old Screenshot

New Screenshot showing font tab

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